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How to Use The Heating Function

----------Chinese Version-------- 

A. 娃娃最高温度在38摄氏度左右,与人体温度相当,严禁在加温过程中使用实体娃娃,必须断电拔掉插头后用手指检测下体和娃娃表面的温度,确保温度适宜(下体不凉),不会对使用者造成伤害的前提下方可使用。
B. 充电加热过程中发现充电器过烫手感温度承受范围以外70度以上请立即拔掉充电器主电源插头停止充电加热,间隔10分钟再进行加热,如果再次发现温度过高请禁止使用,并联系厂家
C. 严禁单次充电加热超时60分钟,为了避免长时间加温导致温控器失效,从而使得温度持续上升,造成娃娃损坏和其他财产损失均由使用者自己承担。
D. 可以配合USB加温棒一起使用,从而达到快速加温下体的效果。

----------English Version--------
Operation Instructions For Heating Function
First, Input Electric Voltage:    110V - 250V.
Second, Output Electric Voltage:  24V or 48V.
Third, Heating Period: When the indicator light turns green for the first time(it will take 30-50 minutes), you should stop charging and check the temperature of vagina. If the temperature is suitable for you, you should pull the charger out and finish the charging. Otherwise, you can continue the charging(it will take 30-50 minutes), the process will be finished when the light turns green again. Remember, PULL THE CHARGER OUT. If you want to speed up the process, you can put the USB heater in the vagina of the doll and cover the doll with blankets.
Fourth, Duration of heat preservation: fifty - seventy minutes.
Fifth, Points for attention:
A. Do not use the doll when charging.
B. Before you use, you must check the temperature of vagina, avoid scalding.
C. If the charger is too hot when charging, you can pull out the changer. after 10 minutes, you can charge again. But if same thing happens, please contact us.
D.The charging time should not exceed one hour.